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Experience the benefits of Massage therapy, Reflexology, and Holistic Energy bodywork at affordable prices.

Healing Pieces Massage

Discover the Power of Holistic Healing.

Our 4-tier approach targets the complete well-being by healing past trauma and releasing trapped physical energy pockets through massages.
Experience a deep connection to Reiki and elevate your spirit.

The Physical

Releasing tension in your muscles, joints, and fascia, paving the way for pain relief and deep relaxation.

The Emotional

Unraveling knots of stress and anxiety, allowing you to reconnect with your inner peace.

The Mental

Clearing limiting beliefs and negative patterns, fostering clarity and focus

The Energetic

Realigning your chakras and subtle energy fields, restoring your natural flow of vitality.

Meet Scarlett Jones

With 18 years of experience as a holistic practitioner, Scarlett guides you on a journey of transformation, a harmonious unfolding of your inner self. 

Scarlett's unique approach begin by acknowledging the tucked-away petals, the whispers of past hurts and disharmony. Through her unique 4-tier approach, she heals each layer, releasing tension and negativity, allowing them to blossom anew.


Massage Services

At Healing Pieces, we believe that true healing happens when we connect with our inner selves. Our holistic approach helps transform your energy and restore balance in your life.

Swedish Massage

  • Uses Long, flowing strokes to reduces stress
  • Creates a Calming experience
  • great for those new to massage
  • Offers soothing and rejuvenation

Therapeutic Massage

  • Useful for Muscle immobility
  • Treats pain by relaxing contracted muscles
  • customized range of techniques
  • Typically integrates cupping, Firmer Pressure, Myofascial & Deep Tissue 

Prenatal Massage

  • Addresses common pregnANcy issues 
  • can help with lower back pain & joint swelling
  • Can improve circulation
  • Not done in the 1st Trimester; Consult with your doctor

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I recently visited Scarlett and was so impressed by the quality of service. The therapist was extremely professional and knowledgeable, and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire session. I left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, and would highly recommend this therapist to anyone looking for a top-notch massage experience.



Scarlett is the ultimate professional. She wants to hear from you as to what is ailing you and she sets to work to lessen your pain. Hers is a beautiful space, immaculately clean and comfortable. Scarlett is extremely thorough with your satisfaction in mind. 


Answers About Healing 

We believe that true healing happens when we connect with our inner selves.

Quantum Healing Energy Services

Quantum Healing Massage: A Journey Beyond the Physical


In Person or Long Distance Energy Healing for the Mind, Spirit, and Emotional